Datsun Clock RepairClock
75-76 280Z 77-78 280Z Qtz 280ZX Qtz

280Z '75-'78

The 75 through 78 standard clock was virtually the same construction with the same mechanical mechanism. The real difference was the clock numbers changed in 77 to the more rounded configuration.

In 77-78 the quartz clock option was offered. The mechanism changed to an electronic movement and was very reliable.This clock is recognized by the "Quartz" on the clock face.

Zclocks can rebuild this mechanical movement to factory OEM standards. In addition, the 75-78 standard clock can be converted to a quartz clock and the 77-78 OEM quartz can be refurbished to factory standards.

280ZX '79-'83 (analog only)

The 280zx analog quartz has basically the same quartz mechanism as used in the 77-78 280Z quartz. This clock is very accurate/ reliable and more so than the digital quartz offered for 79-83.

Zclocks can refurbish the 280ZX analog quartz clock to factory OEM standards.