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How to Identify 240Z-280ZX Clocks

First Generation 70-74 1/2

The first generation Zcar clocks were made by "JECO" and basically all mechanical with a no-load motor to keep the main spring wound. This clock was not as reliable/accurate as expected because it is very sensitive to dust and contaminants.

 The unique identifiers of this clock are the rear mounting bracket and the sloped clock face, which matches the 240Z dash. Power is supplied to the clock through the blue wire(+12 volts DC) and black wire (ground).

As an interesting note the clock movement, not the clock housing, was used from 1970 through the first half of 1974 , 260Z, when it was switched to the 280Z style. Also, the number font on the clock face plate was the same for 1970- through 1976.





Second Generation  Z clocks

The second generation clocks, 1974 1/2--1978,  was a new clock and supplied as the standard in Zcars. Kanto Seiki built these clocks and subcontracted to the Rhythm Watch Co. Japan for the new mechanisms. 

Changes from the first generation included the clock housing , mounting bracket, front bezel, connector, and internal mechanism. The second generation clock movements were a remarkable improvement over the first in reliability and accuracy. A hybrid by design it married the solid state technology of the day with a mechanical clock movement. Clock speed adjustment is accessed through the rear of the clock housing and near impossible to adjust in the car.


In 1977 Kanto Seiki changed the clock face plate number(s) to a rounded appearance which continued through 1978. See clock face plates below.







77-78 Analog Quartz (option)

The quartz clock built by Kanto Seiki was an option on the 77--78 280Z cars. This clock is a  very solid design, reliable and accurate. The only external difference between the quartz clock from the standard clock was the face plate indicates "Quartz" and there is no adjustment for clock speed. In addition, the quartz makes a ticking sound every 5 seconds compared to the standards continual ticking.









1979--1983 280ZX Analog Quartz

79-83 280zx clocks also use the same quartz mechanism as used in the 77-78 280Z "quartz". The differences are a new face plate and the clock was housed in a gauge cluster. Again this is a very reliable and accurate clock.