280z-280zx (analog)

The 75 -78 standard clock ( pictured on the right) was the same mechanical mechanism. The real difference was the clock numbers on the face plate changed in 77 to the more rounded configuration.

In 77-78 the quartz clock option was offered. The mechanism changed to an electronic movement and was very reliable. This clock is recognized by the “Quartz” on the clock face.

  • Zclocks can rebuild this mechanical movement to factory OEM standards. In addition, the 75-78 standard clock can be converted to a quartz clock and the 77-78 OEM quartz can be refurbished to factory standards.


      NOTE:  I do not work on the 280zx Digital Quartz clocks.

75-76 280z

77-78 280Z Qtz

79-83 280ZX Qtz