The 70-83 analog clocks I refurbish are original Datsun clocks . I can replace the mechanical mechanism  with an accurate / reliable quartz movement. All other parts of the clock are original and are refurbished to like new condition.

All fit and connections are factory original and there are NO AA batteries.

For the concourse aficionado I can refurbish your clock to the OEM condition. The clock will be rebuilt to original specifications, but the accuracy and reliability are no better than the original clock. Please see pricing for this service.

What We Do?

Lens Polishing
Now polishing lens for the speedometer , tachometer, oil/temp,and fuel/volt(amp) on 70-84 gauges.

Make the rest of your gauges sparkle like your clock lens from Zclocks. Damaged lens on the oil/temp and fuel/volt can be replaced with NEW lens. See pricing menu.

Roadster Clocks
Now converting 68-70 Roadster clocks to Quartz.  See pricing.
Rally Clocks
Now converting the single knob Rally clock to fit the 240Z. See pricing.

What Our Clients Say

Ron did a great job. Very happy.

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